Curious about the club? Want to learn more about how it all works? Find answers to the most common questions below and send us an email if you still have a question.

Basic Information About Our Club

What is a bookclub and how does it work?

A book club is a group of people that like to read. Each month we vote on a new book that the club will read. We read the book on our own and we have an active Zalo group with our American teacher if we don’t understand something. At the end of the month we have a Meetup where we meet to discuss the book with one another and our teacher is there to help and ask us questions. The online group and Meetup help us read great books in English that may be a little too difficult to read on our own.  

Do you do more stuff than just read books?

We are a bookclub so mostly we just read books but we try to make it fun and interesting for all. At each meetup we have food and drinks that are based on that month's book. It gives us a chance to experience very different and unique foods. We also begin each meetup with a quiz game followed by a carnival style game to get everyone warmed up and loose. We have an achievement program that awards badges and patches and any member can become a contributor and get their own webpage to share with everyone whatever they like.

How old do i have to be to join?

We are open minded to members of different ages but the ideal age is between grades 8 and 12. We are open to accepting advanced students as young as grade 5 but they should be very advanced with a high proficiency in English. Younger members may have difficulty and will need to put in a lot of effort but it will be very rewarding.

What kinds of books do you read?

We read all sorts of books and do not limit our monthly choices to just one genre. While we tend to focus on 20th century American and British literature we will read anything. Modern fiction, classic literature, poetry, light-novels, comics; you name it, we read it.

Where does the bookclub meet?

Bookclub meetups are located at A2 Rung Co on the first floor in the large community space. If the location every changes we will update the website and provide plenty of notice to all members.

How much does it cost to join?

There is absolutely no cost to join or participate other than your time and commitment. A free digital copy of each book will be provided to all members and all food, drinks, games, and prizes are free as well